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Mini Fabrication provides the excellent quality of galvanised sheet metal unistrut channel with competitive price, timely delivery and assured after sale service.


A wide variety of unistrut channels is offered in terms of standard, size, and shapes. Mini Fabrication configures the size of the unistrut channel and customised it according to the client's requirement.


Unistrut Channel is an industrial product that is used to hold different materials together.


This type of channel is incredibly broad and is available in different varieties with superior quality. They are used in enormous applications of industrial as well as commercial building structure


Unistrut channel is basically a U shaped channel which is used in supporting cable trays, ventilation system, air conditioning system, pipe conduit and mechanical system.


Unistrut Channel is manufactured to resolve different mechanical applications which are used in several industries. Unistrut Channel is made up of metal framing which is widely used in electrical systems to support passage, panel boxes, raceway systems, etc.


Their property of highly resisting corrosion made them durable and flexible products. They are highly convenient to use with less time and less labor cost. It is used in different applications as well as in framing, racks, shelving, ceiling grids, and passage supports.


This eliminates fastening and drilling, and it is definitely adjustable and reusable, for almost all configurations.


Unistrut Channel is used in different applications like solar ground screw system and solar panel mounting bracket structure system.

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