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Updated: Jan 8

Mini Fabrication is a dynamic company which focuses on manufacturing and supplying metal frame Diagonal Strut channel by using the latest modern technology with incredible equivalent equipment.

The diagonal strut is an indispensable product of the commercial and industrial sector. Mini Fabrication is expertise and experienced in implementing the use of diagonal strut with full accuracy.

Diagonal strut provides the support for stiffening crank operation systems in different electrical and mechanical industries.

Diagonal strut is a type of metal frame which is used to connect with the intersection of the centre lines of other frames. This type of strut has a wide range of applications. It is used for reinforcing arrangement on an undercarriage of a vehicle.

Diagonal struts are used in various failure modes which occur in the construction of commercial and residential sectors in concrete cracks and mortar joints. Diagonal strut channel is used in a pallet storage system which improves its beam load capacity.

The diagonal strut is made up from various struts that are interconnected at one end by a joint and can be attached at the other end, the tensile and compressive forces occur in the diagonal strut.

Diagonal strut is one of the best approaches which are recommended in seismic codes to simulate infill panels in the different metal frames. The mechanical parameters of diagonal strut, such as strength and stiffness, are controlled by material properties and sizes, thickness and width of equivalent diagonal strut.

Diagonal strut is basically used at the corners of the digging construction area where big space is required for commercial areas.

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