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Updated: Jan 8

Mini Fabrication is actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying the premium quality of Slotted channel which is used in assorted applications in different construction industries.

Mini Fabrication provides high grade factor inputs with advanced technology to our valuable customers at market leading prices.

Slotted channel is a metal frame which is used for a support system.

The slotted channel is made up of metal base holed that allows it to attach to any surface like concrete, ceilings, floors and other surfaces.

This channel is attached with different bolts and fasteners. This is a slotted channel which is frequently used in building and electrical trades for beam structural hold up, for cable conduit, testing, air condition and HVAC units in mechanical and electrical heavy equipment’s industry.

This slotted channel is basically made up of galvanised metal sheet where corrosion is avoided in construction sites. This is categorised into two type’s heavy and light slotted channels.

There are different advantages of a slotted metal channel which allows it to be quickly and easily connected between various elements. We have a wide range of slotted channels in terms of lengths and sizes.

It is used in different industries for support systems depending upon the requirement of the customer.

Additionally, it can be easily installed with less labor which reduces the cost-effective solutions in the market. They are quite flexible and can be modified easily whenever required.

The main benefit of slotted channels in the manufacturing sector is that there are many ways accessible for effortlessly lengths joining the process to this channel with the help of numerous fittings.

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