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Updated: Jan 7

Strut Channel Dealer In Mumbai

Mini Fabrication are the manufacturer, supplier and dealer of Strut channel in Mumbai.

It is a form of channel with series of threaded rod and metal channel which is used to form ceiling mounted support system.

Strut Channel deliver a weld less connection that eliminates welding and drilling. Mini Fabrications offer easy maintenance which results in enhanced demand of the product in Mumbai.

Strut channel is manufactured as per international quality standards by using advanced machinery and equipment’s.

Applications of Strut Channel in Mumbai

· Strut channel is a flexible component of support system which is manufactured for different application in construction, electrical and HVAC industries in Mumbai.

· Strut channel in Mumbai is required for mounting, bracing, supporting, and connecting various types of applications which can be used in different industries.

· Strut channel is used in different systems for the purpose of supporting light structure.

· The Strut Channel in Mumbai is highly preferred for its pre galvanised steel finish that makes it a durable product.

· Strut channel in Mumbai is often used for supporting plumbing, wiring and other mechanical components for larger appliances.

· Strut channel has been used in different other applications where strong framework is required such as workbenches, racking system, shelving system and many more.

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