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Strut Channel Bangalore - Supplier - Exporter - Dealer












Mini Fabrication is a reputation company which provides efficient solutions by manufacturing the high quality of strut channel.


We regularly upgrade our systems and programs to increase our integrity level with wide range of customers.


Mini Fabrication always operate in excellence processes and training to improve the performance of strut channel in Bangalore for long term sustainable growth.


Strut channel are available in metal frame to protect against corrosion in any surface environment.


Applications of Unistrut Channel Supplier in Bangalore

· Strut channel in Bangalore is used in pre-cast, pre-stressed or in concrete floors and walls.


· Strut channel provides continuous channel suspension in construction support system in less time with less labor cost.


· Strut channel gives a firm anchorage in different systems for pipe hangers and supports.


· Our line of strut channel is designed which is best suited for every configuration in mechanical industry.


· Strut channel in Bangalore has pre galvanised steel finish which makes it a durable product and used in shelving ,racking system where heavy frame work is necessary for system.


· Strut Channel is used for the installation of cables to structure and under floor networking cables.


· It is used in solar power plant, heavy equipment’s in industries to support the different types of machinery.

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