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Mini Fabrication are manufacturers of complete range of channel products which is called strut channel for light, medium and heavy duty components applications in Gurgaon.


The mission of Mini Fabrication is to provide best quality metal strut channel in Gurgaon with affordable price and excellent customer service.


Strut channel in Gurgaon is easily installed without the need of welding; therefore it’s an efficient system support network.


Our strut channel systems are proudly made in India.


Applications of Strut Channel in Gurgaon


· Strut channel in Gurgaon is ideal for different number of applications and is easily found in hospitals, schools, and research labs across the country.


· Due to its reusability feature, strut channel in Gurgaon can hold conduits, panel boxes, cables and other associated equipment’s.


· Strut channel is used in HVAC industry which are manufactured and supplied by Mini fabrications.


· Strut channel is commonly used in fire protection systems and provide support to laboratory structure system.


· Strut channel is used for a variety of projects which includes storage racks, shelves and ceiling support grids.


· Strut channel industrial applications include trolley systems, production line supports, Wall framing, and partition to create more space.

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