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Strut Channel Hyderabad - Manufacturer - Exporter - Supplier

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Mini Fabrication, a well associated OEM company in Hyderabad, that manufacturers and supplies the most adequate product that is called Strut channel .


We specialize in galvanized coated frame which delivers integrated electrical product solutions.


Strut channel offers a unique and flexible metal channels that are designed to fulfil the requirements of different types of construction support system.


Strut channels have different holes with their structure to connect the components and help in fastening the channel to build structure of buildings.


Application of Strut Channel Manufacturer in Hyderabad

· Strut channel in Hyderabad is exclusively designed for building rooftop support solutions and therefore equipped with HVAC units.


· Strut channel is used for conduit pipes, duct work, and gas or steam lines, solar racking which are mounted on roofs.


· Strut channel in Hyderabad are light structural support system that are used in different mechanical and electrical industries in global market.


· The channel is used for supporting wiring and cables, plumbing such as ventilation system or vents.


· Additionally, the strut channel in Hyderabad can also be modified after installation whenever required.


· Strut channel is available in different sizes and they are rapidly interconnected with the help of strut bolts and fasteners.

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