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Strut Channel in Kolkata


Mini Fabrication is providing excellent quality electrical equipment’s solution in Kolkata. The Manufacturer and supplier of Strut channel in Kolkata continuously determined to deliver the best assured metal framing channel.


Mini Fabrication has managed to attain appreciation among top makers of Strut channel globally. We can proudly and confidently deliver the best assured quality of strut channel in Kolkata with customised sizes and excellent product design.



Application of Strut Channel in Kolkata

  • Strut channel in Kolkata is used as a wiring raceway which helps in supporting different raceway systems in electrical support.

  • The structure of the strut channel is designed to manage its flexibility and construction of assemblies for mechanical and fire suppression systems.

  • Strut channel helps in supporting pipe conduit, panel boxes, electrical components and solar systems.

  • Strut channel in Kolkata is used in ventilation systems and HVAC units.

  • This Strut channel is convenient in construction and saves time and labor cost and provides high mechanical strength to different industries.

To prevent corrosion, a racking and shelving system is the best solution which is made up of Strut channel in Kolkata.

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