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Strut Channel in Noida - Dealer - Supplier - Manufacturer


Mini Fabrication is a manufacturing company well known for its expertise in the field of Strut channel in Noida.


Strut is an economical choice as it removes the expensive welding and drilling and can be easily disassembled whenever required.


Our strut channel support system in Noida is designed with various time saving features.


Mini Fabrication offer strut channel range in standard and customised specifications at the industry leading prices.


Applications of Strut Channel in Noida

· Strut channel in Noida is generally used for supporting electrical or plumbing products like cable tray, ladder, lightning support system, different pipe clamps.


· A wide range of strut channel is used in piping racks, tunnel pipe stanchions, and beam attachments.


· The strut channel is used in raceway systems, cable tray supports, trapeze hangers.


· The strut channel in Noida is typically used in air conditioning, Heat ventilation and HVAC applications to suspend the wiring from the ceiling.


· Strut channel in Noida is very popular structural component which is normally used in architectural and construction support system.


· Strut channel is basically used for the suspension of ducts and equipment in industries. They are connected to each other and secured with the help of strut nuts.

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