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Strut Channel in Pune


Mini Fabrication specialised in manufacturing and supplying of strut channels in Pune, Maharashtra.

We offer best packaging and rust preventive solutions to our customers.

Mini Fabrication is renowned for providing the best Strut channel that reflects unlimited ways to hang, hold and complete the work with flexibility.

We are experienced and deliver you exceptional products, known for their effectiveness, economical cost and excellence.


Application of Strut Channel in Pune

  • Strut channel in Pune has various specifications which are used in pipe conduit installation, drainage pipe system.

  • It is widely used in Ventilation support, air condition pipes, Fire resistant pipes, heating pipes, gas pipelines and many more.

  • Strut channel in Pune is basically used in Industrial HVAC units and heavy equipment support systems.

  • Strut channel is generally used in different commercial and economical sectors because in this sector a strong framework is necessary for storage purposes.

  • For storage in various industries, warehouses are created to keep the products safe and secure; the strut channel in pune is configured for designing the shelves accordingly.

  • Strut channel is used for mount, brace and connecting different support systems in construction systems

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