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Unistrut Channel Sizes












Mini Fabrication is India’s foremost Unistrut channel manufacturing company known for its perfect support solutions, standard techniques and innovative vision. Several unistrut channel sizes are available with numerous hole patterns for mounting to walls and support systems.


Mini Fabrication’s most distinctive attribute is its approach to attain the sustainable growth in Unistrut channel sizes.


The unistrut channels in construction are easily available for rapidly connecting different lengths together by using different specialised strut-specific fasteners and bolts. Unistrut channel sizes can be assembled very easily with fewer tools.


Unistrut channel is available in different sizes, holes, shapes and in various metal frames. The Unistrut channel sizes available are described below:-

· 41X21mm

· 41X41mm

· 41X61mm


Different material finish which is used to build the metal frame of the unistrut channel is available with various size options. They are Mild steel, Pre galvanised, hot dip galvanised, Powder Coating.


Mini Fabrication provides the lip edge of the unistrut channel in serrated and non-serrated sizes and forms.


The different objects are connected with a unistrut channel with a bolt, which is threaded into a channel that is quite easy to install.Unistrut channel is used for other applications of strong frame work like racks, shelving, ceiling grids, and passage supports.


The length of the unistrut channel varies from 0.5 to 12 meter and can be customised accordingly.


Unistrut channel sizes is a flexible and highly durable product which is used in many industries to provide the structural support system in applications like cable tray, solar ground screw system, raceway systems, panel gateways and many more.

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