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Mini Fabrication provides a complete solution for heavy duty racking system from manufacturing to installation. You can find below the components we manufacture in house. Our design provides following features and benefits - 

  • Capacity to hold high tonnage goods

  • Strength test proves its long durability

  • Bolt-less chip design provides easy installation & shifting

  • Customised to any section, length, width and height, according to load bearing

  • Ideal for palletised and non- palletised stores

  • Maximum applicable for Heavy Duty Goods

  • Versatility in function & Safe Usage

  • Safe Design Parameters

  • Superior Process Control

  • Wide Range of Components & Surface Coating

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 4.50.51 PM.png

for any enquiries or to know more kindly mail at
or call on +91 9930309180

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